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5 Social Media mistakes to avoid

21st November 2018
3 minute read

You’ve tried Social Media marketing for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to work for you? You understand that everyone is on social media and question why this type of marketing works for some businesses, but not for yours. Don’t give up so quickly – social media could be a fantastic tool to promote your business and raise your profile. Keep reading as we are going to tell you what are the most common mistakes people make when managing their social media accounts.

1. Fail to establish a social media strategy

Strategic planning is crucial for success in any aspect of life, and it’s highly relevant when we talk about social media campaigns. To see a sign of progress you would need to establish a goal and identify your target audience. This would help you to create more tailored and consistent social media posts which would attract potential clients to your business. Also, having a strategy will help you plan your time effectively and ensure your accounts are always up to date. If you want to make your life easier, it could be a good idea to appoint a person or a dedicated team to look after your social media presence.

2. Forget to update your social media accounts

When you start working on your online presence, you need to assure you update your followers with feeds and fresh content on a regular basis. Otherwise, they could quickly move away to your competitors and stop following your business. There’s nothing worse than going to a Facebook page that hasn’t made any updates or posts for the last three months for example. That could make your company look unreliable, and followers will start questioning your expertise. If you decide to be on social media, you would need to be consistent and produce relevant content.

3. Talk too much about yourself

Think about social media as a form of communication like a face to face conversation for example. How would you feel speaking with someone that talks solely about itself and you never gain anything from the interactions with that person? Your followers could feel the same if you only make posts about how amazing your business is, and never give them any valuable content. If you strive to achieve more with your social media presence, you would need to create exclusive content which could help your audience, give them valuable information and engage them in conversations. An effective way to interact with your network is to organise a contest or giveaway and ask your followers to share or comment on your posts.

4. Make the same posts and never diversify them

Every social network is different, it has its own language and distinct community. You would need to learn more about the ‘rules’ on the various platforms and make sure you stick to them. For example, for some social media networks would be more appropriate to make posts with more visual content or write a short message rather than a long one. If you customise your posts and content, they could fit better in the context and gain popularity quicker. Also, it’s always a good idea to diversify your account a little bit to switch between videos, blogs and useful articles. The wide range of content could be an excellent opportunity for you to express your brand personality and help your followers to get to know your business and values better.

5. Don’t interact with your audience

One of the most significant advantages on social media is that you can interact with your audience, receive feedback and have the opportunity to respond back. It would be a massive drawback not to use such a tool. Even if you receive a negative response from a client, it is always a good idea to deal with it, be transparent and show your audience that you are capable of resolving any issues. That approach will reassure them that if any problems arise you will be there for your customers.

Social Media management is a difficult task which requires time and commitment; unfortunately, that is not always possible. If you decide, you would like to get involved, and you need some help we would be happy to assist you! A great example of social media presence with our help could be Spectrum Agency. The agency for diverse models successfully utilises social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. A great way to raise its models’ profiles, also attract new unique ones.

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