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5 places to insert keywords for SEO

28th March 2019
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Content creation could be tricky and usually takes a lot of time, so once you finish that, it’s worth spending a little bit extra time on content optimisation. As a basic rule, you would like to go to each page and populate the keywords that correspond to it. Make sure your keywords appear in several places of the page but do not overuse them as spamming with keywords would hurt the rankings. In this post, we are going to give you some ideas about where to place your keywords and make the most of them.

H1 tag

The header tag or H1 tag is usually the largest and the most important text that stands out on the home page. Adding your keywords there would make a massive improvement on your SEO. In order to achieve better results, use only one H1 tag and make sure it answers users’ questions or provides information for the topic of your page.

Title Tag

The title tag provides information to search engines and visitors by telling them what each page contains. You could find the title tag in various places including the search engines results and the tab of your browser. When creating the tags avoid using long titles, irrelevant keywords or choosing one that does not have any relation to the content. Instead, you should focus on accurate, brief descriptions and create unique titles for each page.

Number of keywords in the body

A good ratio of keywords used in the body would be three to five words per page. You could spread them throughout the body text and use variations such as synonyms, plural and singular, etc.

Alt Attributes

An alt attribute is the text version of an image and allows search engines to include images in relevant search results. Additionally, many users would search keywords and look at the results in the image section, so if you don’t want to miss out on showing there make sure you put a relevant description of your photos.

Meta description

The meta tag is a brief description of a page’s content that does not appear on the page, but only in the code and the search engine results. Although keywords in meta descriptions will not necessarily improve your ranking, the description could encourage users to click on your page.


Finding your keywords and using them correctly is critical for your website’s success, so in some cases, it could be a good idea to leave that task to the professionals. We have recently optimised the content of Connect Insolvency and look after their SEO on an ongoing basis. If you are lost or don’t have time to focus on that, contact us for a friendly consultation!

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