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5 Key Elements of Effective Web Design

Ben Kershaw
23rd August 2022
3 minute read

When it comes to getting the most out of your brand’s digital presence, knowing how to utilise the power of effective web design should be your top priority.

At Sleeky, we understand that the rather nebulous concept of web design and development can feel quite foreign to inexperienced brands and businesses. There are a lot of moving parts to think about when dipping your toe into the world of digital marketing for the first time, from conceputalising the general aesthetic of your company’s online platform, to maintaining the level at which the website runs.

It can seem like a lot of information to manage all at once, but don’t sweat it too much – Sleeky’s got your back. Read on as we get back to the basics by breaking down five key elements of effective web design for your consideration.


A Brief Overview 

Providing a high quality and receptive website for your clients to peruse should remain at the forefront of your brand’s approach to bespoke web design. From the inclusion of strong SEO, to the following of a visual hierarchy and everything in between;  the opportunity to maximise your businesses digital marketing experience is endless. If you’re still hungry to learn more about how to build the right website for you, check out TorqueMag’s extensive breakdown of the subject here for further guidance. Until then, we will be breaking down the following:

  • Functionality
  • SEO
  • Complexity or Simplicity?
  • Functions to Avoid
  • Visual Hierarchy

Prioritise Functionality 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to stand out from the crowd, by choosing to take a very artistic or abstract approach to web design, but this often comes at a needlessly large cost. Too many businesses make the mistake of forgetting to prioritise functionality above all else, which ends up putting their brand at a major long term disadvantage compared to its online competitors. The importance of offering a smooth user experience through responsive loading times and a sensical web page layout should never be overlooked.

Keep SEO In Mind

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, describes the process of adding numerous algorithm-friendly digital features to a website, with the aim to boost its visibility via various search engine results. This form of marketing and exposure is unrivalled in its level of effectiveness, so be sure to keep it in mind when conceptualising your brand’s website. Good SEO should involve the inclusion of topical key words and phrases, high quality imagery and numerous backlinks.

Embrace Simplicity

Research suggests that online users hate being overwhelmed by too much visual complexity all at once, and it actually may be one of the leading causes behind depleting website traffic. Including too much digital information throughout your web page is guaranteed to overwhelm the onlooker, making it harder for them to engage with your business’s call to action. No need to overdo it with the typography or the colour scheme – less is more.

Avoid Tabs and Sliders

Fanciful website features such as tabs, sliders and accordions are generally not very attractive to potential clientele, who are usually trying to navigate your website in the most efficient way possible. Studies show that these complex aspects of web design often largely go ignored by online customers, as most users just want to scan the website for the information they’re seeking out without too much hassle.  Don’t complicate the process by over-designing your business’s digital space.

Remember The Visual Hierarchy  

“The visual hierarchy” is a term used to describe the sensical arrangement of your website’s features in order of importance. Structuring your brand’s online platform by laying out simple visual characteristics that slowly guide the website user to performing a desired action is the general rule of thumb here, and it is massively effective when aiming for an elevated approach to web design.


The Wrap Up

Following a strict set of web design rules and maintaining consistency across your website and marketing channels is one of the key aspects of growth in the modern market. For more information on any web design or digital marketing, check the blog!

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