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5 Adwords Tips TO ROCK YOUR WORLD!

15th August 2015
2 minute read

Google Adwords is generally recognised as the best pound for pound online advertising known to man. Chances are you’ve at least heard of it, if not used it.

In our experience Google Adwords works for around 90% of clients we set it up for – only the occasional curious case, seems to fail to gain a return on investment (ROI).

This is in stark contrast to clients who set-up the account themselves, where failures are commonplace.

This why (along with Google Partners’ Ready To Rock campaign), we have decided to write our 5 Adwords Tips TO ROCK YOUR WORLD! If you find these too technical, then we are here to help – skip to the bottom of the post to find out how.

1). Use Keyword Match Types

Avoid broad match and use the following match types (see Google Support for guidance):

“your keyword”
[your keyword]
+your +keyword

This will significantly reduce misplaced clicks.

2). Add Negative Keywords

Another killer way to reduce misplaced clicks is adding negative keywords. For example, if you’re paying over £1 per click, the last thing you want is someone looking for a job to click on your ad. Therefore you could add negative keywords such as ‘job’ and ‘career’.

3). Capitalise Your Ad

Google doesn’t allow UPPERCASE text – just as well as the Internet would be a very shouty place if they did! But the next best thing is Capitalising Your Ad. This can increase your click through rate (CTR) significantly.

4). Get Your Location Right

When checking ads, we often see companies advertising from Newcastle under Lyme and Newcastle, Australia – disaster! You can avoid this by using radius targeting (i.e. only show the ads within a 20 mile radius of your office) and the advanced Location Option (under Campaign Settings) of ‘People in my targeted location’.

5). Review Progress

Once your campaign is up and running, regularly check progress on search terms (Keywords > Details > Search Terms > All, see below) to make sure the right people are clicking on you. If not, update your negative keywords as per point #2.

Google Adwords

If you’re too busy running your business to be bothered with these helpful tips (if so why are you reading this you slacker?!), then why not get us to set-up or optimise your account?

As one of the top 250 Google Partner agencies in the UK, we can get you up to £90 worth of free advertising (subject to availability). Please contact us to discuss this further.

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