3 Reasons why your business needs an app

Maja Krajewska
16th June 2023
3 minute read

To effectively reach a wider target audience, connect with customers on the go, create direct marketing streams and optimise the user experience, mobile apps are becoming increasingly essential, especially as 93 per cent of all adults in the UK now own a smartphone.

You may think that mobile apps are only a necessity for industry giants, but they also present many benefits to small and mid-size businesses.

In fact, more and more small businesses are capitalising on this unique opportunity and are launching their own mobile apps. To ensure you’re not left behind, this blog will explain three reasons your business needs an app.


Reach a wider audience

Whether you are offering products or services, an app will allow you to reach a wider audience. With more consumers than ever before becoming digitally literate in a digital-first world, developing a mobile app provides ample opportunity for business growth, and wider audience engagement.

If your business does not yet have a mobile presence, you may be missing out on potential customers and sales – you can maximise your discoverability by investing in a mobile that engages and educates consumers.

To effectively target large groups, ensure your app is easy to find in app stores, provides value to the consumer, and provides a positive customer experience.

Connect with customers on the go

Modern smartphones make it easy to connect with customers, even when they’re on the go. Mobiles are a big part of every life and most adults will have their phones in their pockets, wherever they go.

An average adult in the UK spends four hours and 14 minutes per day on their mobile device and if a user has your app downloaded, it is likely some of their screen time will be spent concentrating on your brand and business offerings.

Connectivity and communication are key to growing a business and you can promote this by implementing interactive touchpoints, incentive alerts, and allowing notifications through your business app.

Enhance user experience

Slow loading times, glitches, and bugs can quickly deter customers from purchasing from a brand. To ensure your business is not impacted by this, mobile apps are useful, valuable, and accessible, meaning they provide a seamless browsing experience.

Apps are designed to be engaging and user-friendly to ensure high rates of customer satisfaction. When a user is satisfied with a service, they are increasingly likely to recommend your business and shop from you again.

In 2023, providing an excellent user experience is paramount to gaining consumer trust and loyalty. To meet ever-changing consumer demands and to provide a continually great service, apps can be updated and developed to further improve user experience over time.


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